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Books and e-books

Nagroda Revere
Nagroda Revere
Księga Trendów
Personalizacja w edukacji

Book of Trends in Education

Recognized in the education industry, publications translated into 6 languages, recognized by the Association of American Publishers with a Revere Award, winner of the QI Award

My role: originator, content co-author

Link: download book

Projekt bez nazwy (3)

The book Pieprzyk Pypcio The Illustrious

A beautifully illustrated educational book for children about cancer prevention. It has the patronage of the Polish Dermatological Society.

My role: co-author, publisher

Link:purchase a book


E-book Trends in eLearning 

An illustrated report on trends in the eLearning industry commissioned by Wellms and Escola LMS. Everything you need to know to develop people, increase profits and change the world for the better.

My role: author

Link: download eBook


Tricity guides in Sneakers

A series of unusual, alternative and pocket guides to Tricity and a fanpage promoting interesting places worth visiting. Non-profit activities. 

My role: author, publisher

Link: buy guides

Nowe Szablony na IG (74)

The Big Book of Online Education

A unique, multimedia-rich publication written by an international team of experts in the field of methodology, modern education and e-learning. The richest position of this type on the market of methodological guides at the higher education level.

My role: originator, co-author, editor

Link: download book

Projekt bez nazwy (2)

Educational eBook The World of Finance

A book for primary and secondary school students. It can be used by teachers in schools or as bedtime reading at home. 

My role: co-author

Link: download book

Projekt bez nazwy (4)

LifePlan Academy Scenarios

An educational and preventive program for building mental resilience based on Methods Pole autoMarek Kamiński's company. The program is aimed at teachingli educators and pedagogues in primary and secondary schools.

My role:author of lesson plans

Link: more about LPA

Edu Inspiracje WZiE

Edu Inspirations WZiE

A series of articles on modern educational solutions, good practices, effective methodology and interesting teaching tools written in the fieldhalf-work with academic teachers

My role: author

Link: read the articles

Platforms and
mobile applications


Welcome FME app

Web application for candidates and students of the Faculty of Management of the Gdańsk University of Technology. Its goal is recruitment activities and maintaining contact with students.

My role:concept creator, product development manager

Link:more about the application


Platform NUADU

An advanced system supporting the evaluation and consolidation of knowledge for teachers and students at various educational stages. The product is available on markets in Poland and Asia.

My role:creator of the concept of system elements, author of marketing materials

Link: more about the productione

Ambient mobile application

Ambient marketing and educational application connecting the virtual world with the real world. It was used to promote the company at the international book fair in Frankfurt. 

My role:co-author of the concept

Crowd game

A social game supporting charity and volunteeringamong commercial companies.

My role: co-author of the concept

Wirtualny spacer WZiE


A unique interactive tour that, in addition to presenting the interior of selected rooms and nooks and crannies of the building WZiE contains many multimedia, notes, tips, photos and links to external content and resources.

My role:content manager

Link:see walk

Vocational Guidance Solution​

A platform supporting the professional development of junior high school, technical school and high school students and helping them choose the right future career path. 

My role: author of the concept, content leadery

Mnemonic application

An application for revision before the exam for high school and university students based on mnemonics supporting the memorization of new content. 

My role: co-author of the concept

Zrzut ekranu 2023-06-30 130109


Web management system contacts of faculty graduates and sending a marketing newsletterabout.

My role: product development manager

Content products, 
e-learning courses


Lower Primary Curriculum

A product for early childhood educators containing 518 digital lessons and over 7,000 resources. Delivered to publishers in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Norway, Russia, Thailand and China. Award winner: QI, GESS finalist

My role:co-conceptor, product manager, product development manager.

Świat finansów

World of Finance with NBP

Project "Universities to schools - about finances from the National Bank of Poland. Edition II” as part of the economic education program. The scope of the project includes: workshops and competition, lesson plans, eBook, virtual trip and educational multimedia. Winner of the 3rd Genius Universitatis award.

My role:co-author

Link: product page

Zrzut ekranu 2024-02-28 150342

E-learning courses

Certified e-learning courses of the Gdańsk University of Technology, including: designing remote and e-learning classes, distance learning course, modern teaching methods. 

My role:author and co-author of courses

Granular Content Bank

A repository of granular educational resources: 2D, 3D animations, films and simulations for B2B publishers supplemented with extensive LOM+ metadata, a CMS system and a resource editor

My role:co-author of the concept, product manager



Ready-made digital robotics lesson plans together with the B2C and B2School platforms based on the original 5C teaching method.

My role: support in developing the offer and substantive materials.

Link:product page

YDP services

Service offer along with B2B marketing materials in the area of content creation and implementation for the EdTech industry.

My role: co-author of the concept


Promotional videos

Certified e-learning course for teachers of the Gdańsk University of Technology: "Designing remote and e-learning classes" and a distance learning course for first-year students. 

My role:course author


Video lectures, Gdańsk University of Technology

A series of professional video lectures, experiments and other digital teaching aids developed together with lecturers from the Gdańsk University of Technology.

My role:co-writer of scripts, director


Project Based Learning

A series of multimedia educational project scenarios using the PMI methodology standards in the school environment for the first time in the world.

My role:co-author of the concept, product manager

Special Needs Education

Localization and adaptation for international markets of the popular EduSensus series for children with special educational needs. MEDEA award winner

My role:product manager, internationalization project manager

Coding Curriculum

Interactive lesson plans to help teachers conduct programming lessons in schoolsołach, supplemented with educational projects in the field of robotics.

My role: co-author of the concept, product manager


Multimedia Catechesis

42 multimedia, digital catechesis in accordance with the core curriculum of the Catholic Church, available online or on a USB flash drive. Winner of the Feniks award granted by the Association of Catholic Publishers.

My role:author of the concept, product development manager


Lower Primary Maths

An interactive course for learning mathematics based on the popular Finnish Laskutaito method. Winner of the Best European Schoolbook Award.

My role: product manager, co-author of the methodological guide and lesson plans




I am the author of the innovation concept awarded with a grant from the National CResearch and Development Center. NUADU Smart Edu is a system that improves student achievement using personalized learning paths based on scientific research in neurobiology, pedagogy and psychology, as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

My role: originator, author of the application resulting in the granting of a grant


Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships 

I am a co-author of two projects: eTech - "Comprehensive project for distance teaching skills and multimedia resourcess for technical universities in Europe" and Inf@road, zrelated to the development of distance teaching and e-learning in higher education.

My role: originator, co-author of the application


Warsztaty z przedsiębiorczości
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Urząd Miasta Zgierz
Nauka programowania dla nauczycieli
Inkubator Starter
Frankfurt Book Fair
Konferencja BeeZee Trendy w Edukacji
Konferencja Lepsza Edukacja Września
Muzeum Miasta Gdynia
Park Naukowo-Technologiczny
Szkolenia w warmińsko-mazurskim
Muzeum Miasta Gdynia
Konferencja "Nauka programowania"
Konferencja Technologiczne Dzieciaki
Konferencja w Bułgarii

Conferences and training

Several dozen workshops, training sessions and lectures at Polish and international conferences. 

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